Opportunity for Filmmakers Harare-Austin Film Meet

After making great films, the question is why am I not making it internationally?
Do you want to learn about the Hollywood Story structure?

Register for the Harare Austin Film Workshop at B2C Batanai Gardens from Saturday 19 to Monday 21 May for a meeting with the team from Texas.

The American trio of Alison Boland and Matt Koshmrl (University of Texas at Austin) and renowned Austin-based scriptwriter Tony Faia are in Zimbabwe to help you to polish up your work and make it on the international stage.

Workshop Topics:

Day 1
1. Modes of Documentary Filmmaking
2. Hollywood Story Structure
3. Character Building
4. International Film Festivals
5. Editing Workflow Management

Day 2
1. Career Paths for Indie Filmmakers in the U.S.
2. Film School in the U.S.
3. Modes of Fundraising in the U.S.
4. Fundraising Opportunities for African Filmmakers

Day 3: Hands-on Skills
1. Audio Recording
2. Script Writing
3. Camera
4. Editing
5. Works in Progress Workshop (all)

Admission: Free, courtesy of the Mandela Washington Fellowship
Send a WhatsApp message to Abel Dzobo on 0773484512.

Then afterwards you can send an email to:

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