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Watch! Madam Boss Now Knows How to do Make Up

Madam Boss is a brand that needs no introduction. She has managed to build a brand that’s worth boasting about. She now gets invitations to gigs outside the country. Her fame also comes with perks of being dressed by the best as well as great hair and make up. Over the weekend Madam Boss had the privilege of attending a high tea in South Africa. She was joined by singer Cindy Munyavi.

Madam Boss and Cindy were dressed for the occasion. They were part of the line up for the high tea. While Cindy sang, Madam Boss did the honours of being part of the speakers.

She decided to share how Cindy taught her to do make up. She showed off that she can now do her own eyebrows. Watch Madam Boss thank Cindy for the hook up.

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