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10 Zim Songs for Your Weekend Playlist

Have you ever watched the clock on a Friday counting down to start the weekend? You have had a long week and you are looking forward to unwinding. The best way to get the party started is to have a playlist. Over the years Zimbabwe has made great music.10 Zim Songs for Your Weekend Playlist

1. Chekeche

The Military Touch Movement anthem is all about getting down and enjoying yourself.

2. Mutupo

Zimbabwean totems plus a rhumba

3. Havarare

The song might not have been as hot as Mukoko or Akiliz but this song is a party jam.

4. Bhawa Rules

This hip hop track is your night scene handbook. The song is about the dos and donts of clubbing. Lyrically, Havarare talks about life and activity in the capital, Harare.

5. Sendekera

The beat to this song has that party thing about it. Accompanied by a catch you chorus, this is a

6. MaDrinks MuCup

This Winky D song is all about getting turnt.

7. Samanyemba

This Tongayi Moyo classic will make one jump into the famous “borrowdale” dance or even pull off a rhumba move or two.

8. Chidzoka

Roki has a thing for the rhumba genre just as well the versatile artist knows how  to sing and dance too. But ‘Chidzoka’ gave Roki that star element and is still considered one of his best tracks.

9. Pamamonya Ipapo

When you are singing along that you are ‘Stembeni’s child’ (Mwana waStembeni) then the weekend has started.

10. Takangodaro

Killer T’s 2016 hit will get you singing and dancing along to it.

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