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How to Win In a Promotion

How to Win In a Promotion

Is it luck or magic? A man over the weekend won not one, not two, but three cars at the 2018 OK Grand Challenge draw over the weekend. The 30th anniverasary of the OK Grand Challenge was held on Saturday 2 June 2018 at the Borrowdale race course. The biggest and most surprising winner was a man from Rusape, Clemence Muhle.

Twitter reacted with many making assumptions about how Muhle won. Some claimed that it was juju whilst others accused OK Zimbabwe of rigging. Muhle revealed that he has now won 7 cars in supermarket promotions and attributed this to his faith and prayerful life. He said that he will invest some of the money realised from selling the cars, while the remainder will be used to buy from shops which are running competitions.

Speaking to New Zimbabwe, Muhle said, “I am very happy and excited for the God granted opportunity to divinely scoop the three cars. Unbelievable, but it’s a wonderful reality. Will sell them to invest, but the remainder will be used in buying in shops that have promotions only so that I continue to try my luck.”

So if you are looking to win the lotto or a simple lucky dip, there are expert winners. they have given advice on how to increase your luck.

Here is the trick to win in a promotion.

1. Identify the Boxes whose products are not at high demand.
2. Purchase as many of those products as you can.
3. That guy will never tell you that he used more than $1000 for every box he won or sometimes upto $7000 dollars of purchases per box.
4. A purchase of $1000 will give you 333 tickets, $2000 will over 600 tickets and $3000 over 1000 tickets.

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