Minister Urges Adoption Of Technology To Fight Piracy

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Paul Mavima has urged publishers to adopt technological solutions to fight piracy which is rampant in the publishing industry. Speaking at the official opening of the Bulawayo Book Fair last week, Mavima said,

I have heard about this issue of piracy, which is not only happening to publishers but also affecting the music industry…If we have licences, digitised materials and we pay through the booksellers, we pay the publisher then we can stamp out this piracy.

…We have to come up with new teaching and learning materials, we need to move to the digital age as far as the provision, the delivery and the supply of teaching and learning materials. We need to think in terms of generating content that can be used on e-learning platforms we have less and lee of that.

Mavima said publishers could take piracy head on by embracing technological solutions like eBooks.

Mavima urged school headmasters to only purchase learning materials from official book sellers and associations.

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