8 Signs That a Marriage Will Fail

The job of wedding planners may seem to be a series of funny situations that are usually highlighted in movies. But in real life, things are way more complicated. As it turns out, there are even special courses for wedding planners where they learn the basics of wedding psychology.

1. The bride and groom use humiliating names to address each other.

2. One of the partners makes organizational decisions in secret from the other.

3. One of the partners doesn’t take part in the planning of the wedding.

4. The couple refuse to meet each other half way.
5. In-laws have negative opinions about the couple being together.

6. Newlyweds drink too much alcohol or abuse drugs individually or together.
7. The couple get into debt while planning their wedding ceremony.

8. The couple are cold towards the day and each other, treating the wedding as a mundane activity.

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