Classes Suspended At Glen View 5 Primary School Due To Cholera Outbreak

Government has announced that the recent cholera outbreak in Harare is a state of emergency. According to reports, the outbreak has claimed 20 lives, including two children. The two pupils were from Glenview 5 primary school.

Health and Child Care Minister, Obadiah Moyo said lessons at Glen View 5 Primary School were suspended to enable restoration of proper sanitation facilities and clean water.

In a statement to the press, Dr Moyo said, “We have decided that we will suspend classes while we bring in fresh water. If we do not suspend classes, pupils will continue drinking water from the same contaminated wells, making it difficult to contain the outbreak. It is inconvenient, but relevant to save lives.”

Mrs Jennifer Karonga a parent who spoke to The Herald said her two children were complaining of headache and stomach pains. She said no water bowsers had been deployed in the area.

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