ZESA Reduces Minimum Purchase On EcoCash

After backlash from the public about purchasing ZESA tokens, the company has reversed it’s decision. ZESA has reduced its minimum EcoCash purchase from $10 to $5 Min.

In a statement ZESA public relations manager Mr Fullard Gwasira announced they had reduced its minimum EcoCash prepaid electricity token from $10 to $5.

Gwasira said there is an improvement in the performance of the EcoCash Vending platform and they are working towards going back to the minimum $2 per transaction which customers were used to. Said Gwasira:

ZETDC is pleased to inform customers that in line with our earlier undertaking to customers to review the temporary minimum $10 per transaction as the situation improves, the minimum purchase on the EcoCash platform has been reduced from $10 per transaction to $5 per transaction with effect from Wednesday 12 of September 2018. The situation is constantly being reviewed and the EcoCash platform will be able to transact a minimum of $2 per transaction when the purchased servers are fully installed and operational. The minimum purchase of $2 is still available on other vending channels and clients can still use these channels to purchase tokens for $2.

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