Private Schools Demand US Dollar School Fees

Some private schools are reported to be demanding that fees be paid only in United States dollars due to the economic conditions in the country which saw prices of most commodities soaring in the last few weeks. Some of the schools have contacted parents saying that they should top-up the fees in United States dollars. A notice by Riverton Academy in Masvingo reads

Due to the prevailing economic conditions in our country, the school is asking you to pay top-up fees for your child or children…The fees are required in hard currency and is (sic) to be paid into the school FCA account with the following details: Top up fees: Primary school $578, forms 1,2,3 and 5 $735, form 4 $385.00 and form 6 $420.

The school had previously advised parents that it did not have sufficient funds for all the budgetary requirements. Said the school,

The prevailing economic conditions in the country are there for all to see. We are now a few days past mid-term, 49 days to be exact since schools opened this term. We are still 42 days to go. It is everyone’s guess that fees paid already will not be able to meet budgetary requirements.

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