Zimbabwean Men Have the Highest Prostate Cancer Cases In Africa

It’s Movember, the time when we reflect on men’s health specifically prostate cancer. In recent studies, Zimbabwe is one of the highest ranking countries in Africa in prostate cancer cases. Zimbabwe is in the same ranking as Uganda. According to a report by Dr Edrin Juuko, black men are twice as likely as white males to develop and die from prostate cancer in their 50s, mostly attributing it to genes.

The research result have not yet revealed the reasons behind the high prostate cancer rates in Uganda and Zimbabwe. They are still going through genetic studying to find out why prostate cancer is common in these two countries and also why it’s high in black men. it’s high in black men.

Concerning the signs an symptoms of prostate cancer, cancer Specialist at the UMC Victoria Hospital, Dr John Fomum reportedly said

If you go to the toilet and it takes time for the urine to flow, that might be a symptom. Or when your stream breaks along the way, when you get up more than three times at night to urinate, or if you have unexplained back pain or have erectile dysfunction, those might be symptoms.

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