Anxiety In Education Over Current Economic Environment

The current economic situation has put strain and anxiety on the current education system. Parents are anxious about potential increase in school fees. Teachers have been raising complaints about salaries and boarding schools are requesting for early closure.

The Sunday News reported that Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima has asked schools to follow procedure if they want to increase school fees. Previously Professor Mavima had warned schools not to charge school fees in foreign currency.

“Many schools are in distress due to the changes in prices so some of their demands are reasonable. There should not be unilateral increases of school fees without seeking the authority of the permanent secretary in the ministry as that is the procedure,” says Minister Mavima.

Manicaland provincial education director (PED), Mr Edward Shumba, confirmed to The Herald that five boarding schools in the province are seeking permission to either increase boarding fees or close early citing dwindling food supplies due to shortages and high prices.

A number of schools have requested parents to top up on school fees. A number of boarding schools have requested to increase school fees or close earlier due to shortages in supplies.


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