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Preventing child abuse

Ways to avoid your children being sexually abused:

  1. Talk to them about sexual abuse
    Young kids often find themselves victims of sexual abuse without them even knowing about it. You should ensure that you teach your children the dos and don’ts when it comes to their bodies.
  2. The underwear rule – Teach your children about their private parts. Advise them that anything covered by underwear is strictly private. Teach them about other sexual organs as well and how they should never allow anyone to touch them or make comments about them.
  3. Communication – Create a conducive environment for your children to communicate with you. Encourage them to tell you if anyone is behaving in a funny way towards them, particularly those that are close to them.
  4. You should be careful of who your kids are spending time with. Be it at school, at home or in the neighbourhood, ensure your kids are in the company of people that can be trusted or at least traced if something happens. Adminish your children not to entertain strangers or go to places they do not know
  5. No secrets
    Encourage your children not to keep secrets. If they have been victimized they are most likely to keep quiet if there is no culture of openness in your home.

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