Vagina tightening creams on high demand

The human race has been engaging in sexual intercourse since time immemorial. The changes brought about by puberty have seen most people yearning  for such activity. Even man of cloth have regarded sex as a God given gift that should be done at the right time.

Engaging in coitus is one thing but actually enjoying it is another thing. The need to ignite enjoyment and please their sexual partners has unfortunately led some women into trying all sorts of experiments on their bodies including the use of vaginal tightening creams.

This trend has taken Zim by storm with these tightening concoctions being sold mostly in saloons, on the black market and at places such as Mbare musika. Others enlist the services of traditional healers and prophets in a bid to tighten their sensitive areas. Most of the creams used by women are not medically tested or verified thereby increasing the risk of infections. Doctors have warned people against using these creams as they are likely to cause cervical cancer. They also interfere with the body’s natural self cleaning bacteria.

The concotions range from $10 to hundreds of dollars depending on the intensity of the cream. Most women usually resort to using such creams after giving birth when they feel as if they would have stretched their private parts and would want to restore their delicate parts to the status quo. 

Health experts have always advised women to do pelvic exercises such as squats as opposed to consuming foreign substances which can be harmful to their bodies. Vaginal tightening can even be done surgically but since it is expensive most women end up using natural remedies that have flooded local markets and saloons.

Players in the religious field have also advised women against the use of creams and aligned the concoctions to evil spirits.

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