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Winky D to release track on valentines day

The 14th of February promises to be a historic day for Zim dancehall lovers as Winky D is set to release his new track on the day. Gafa as he is popularly known announced that his new track titled mugarden is worth watching out for leaving most of his fans pregnant with anxiety. 

He advised his fans to brace themselves for the epitomy, making reference to  the much awaited music track. The song features acoustic soul singer Gemma Griffiths who once did a rendition of Winky D’s musarove bigman song.  

The cover of the song shared by Winky D appears to be a recreation of a scene from the popular Bible story of  Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Coupled with the fact that it will be released on Valentine day indications are strong that the song will speak strongly about love. Winky D is famous for his romantic lyrical prowess and has released tracks such as gafa love, chiramu and taitirana which have powerful love connotations.

Winky D recently collaborated with Maricosa of Mozambique on Coke Studio. He also walked away with the people’s choice award at the star FM music awards. 

The prominent Zim dancehall artist has this year promised to release sizzling tunes and fans will be relishing the release of a tune which is expected to light up valentines day.

Winky D has enjoyed success with the track Kasong kejecha which has however stimulated controversy given its political connotations. Winky D will however be looking to move away from the political controversy given his new track is set to be centred on love.

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