World government summit held

The recently ended World Government Summit which was held in Dubai from the 10 to the 12th of February 2019 was an important platform for most countries to showcase their products. The summit was attended by over 4 000 participants including world leaders and experts from over 150 countries. Our very own Joseph Chinotimba was in attendance.

Topical issues at the summit included future use of renewable energy, food security and latest trends in technology. There was an exhibition on sky pods which are basically a transport network used to connect skyscrapers in Dubai. Another interesting feature was the discussion by Shaikh Hamdan on renewable energy and its cost in the future. There was also talk around the issue of inclusivity of women in future projects.

The local economy can benefit a lot of valuable information from the summit. As a developing country it is only befitting that  Zimbabwe invests in some of the issues addressed at the summit such as food security.
The Zimbabwean delegation to the summit was comprised of the minister of environment, tourism and hospitality Prisca Mupfumira, deputy minister of labour and public services Lovemore Matuke and Tsitsi Choruma. Joseph Chinotimba and Mai Chifamba were also in attendance at the event. 

The main highlight of the show was the Pope’s presence and his message that people should not be quick to think of opportunities that they can exploit but rather to reflect on the kind of world they want to build together. 

Other issues that were argued at the summit involved analysing culture as an obstacle to gender equality, disciplined thinking and future mobility in the fourth industrial revolution. 

There was also an awards ceremony at the summit and the best public private partnership M government award went to China’s WeChat. India’s Traffic Guru App won the best M government award in gamification service whilst the Russia state service won the accessible government service award. 

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