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Zim youths in gambling addiction

What often begins as experimental later emerges into an adfiction which many a time leads to the destruction of lives. In Zimbabwe gambling was never a problem up until the emergence of betting houses which at any given time are filled to the brim.

In some cases gamblers get lucky with 50,000 dollar payouts having in the past changed the lives of lucky winners. Most scenarios though involve helpless youth who develop an addiction for gambling, and more often than not lose more money than they gain.

One youth remarks how it all began as an experiment which later developed into a habit that is increasingly becoming difficult to stop. In european countries intervention measures to stop addiction are in place but as for Zimbabwe therapy for gambling addiction is almost none existent.

In the absence of possible remedies, the majority of Zimbabwean youths involved in gambling activity have no answers as to how to stop. Betting houses have become a huge business in Zimbabwe with their emergence having been brought about during the days when the Us dollar was the dominant currency in the country.

With the hussle of standing in long ques being an arduos process for some, well organised betting houses have introduced online betting.

Given Zimbabwe’s history of match fixing incidents it is feared listing local premiership games will spark the re-emergence of a phenomenon which ended the careers of many footballers that were involved in the Asiagate scandal.

While it may be easy to judge the youth for getting involved in gambling, one may argue a high unemployment rate is the chief cause of the youth having to turn to gambling as a source of income.

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