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Zimbabwe’s most popular couples

Showing of one’s partner in public can be deemed to be a show of affection and confidence in the choice one would have made. Often a time some celebrities are not shy of showing off their spouses in public while some choose not to reveal who their lovers are. Below is a list of celebrities that are not shy of showing off their spouses:

Tendai Manatsa and Selmor Mutukudzi – Never shy of posting pictures of each other on social media, the couple is perhaps the most dominant when it comes to showing love for each other to the general public. One may however argue there is nothing to hide given both the musicians are public figures.

Emmerson and Auxilia Mnangagwa – By virtue of being the Zimbabwean President, apart from leading the country attention is also thrust upon one’s love life. President Mnangagwa and his wife Auxilia have naturally been under the spotlight since the ousting of Robert Mugabe from power. While president Mnangagwa is involved in his role of leading the country wife Auxilia has been embarked in numerous activity including charity work work.

Tytan and Olinda – The couple boasts of a relationship which has been in the public domain for months. The couple recently enjoyed valentines in the Uk, with Olinda not shy to take Zimbabweans through what they were doing on a day which sees couples from across the globe celebrating love. Olinda has always been involved in affairs with well known figures with her last relationship involving Stunner. After finding a new love in the form of Tytan, Olinda was quick to make her new affair known to the public.

Jah Prayzah – The music star recently posted an image of himself and his wife Rufaro Chiworeso feeding a giraffe on valentines day. Despite some negative publicity in which Jah prayzah is accused of having an affair with Ammara Brown, the music star’s recent post on valentines served to affirm his commitment to Rufaro. the couple has 1 son Mukudzei and 3 daughters.

Pokello Nare – Pokello has never been shy of showing off the partner in her life. From the days when she was involved with a relationship with Stunner Pokello has never been secretive about what will be going on in her life. Following a messy divorce with Elikem Kumordzie, Pokello was quick to parade her new boyfriend Ronald Muzambi at an all white birthday bash hosted by Ginimbi in South Africa.

Charles and Olivia Charamba’s – Pastor Charles Charamba and his wife Olivia are naturally often in the limelight given their musical background. The couple has withstood the test of time despite the temptations associated with being well known figures.

Michael Mahendere – Loves to appreciate his partner in public. Mahendere’s instagram page is littered with images of his wife Vimbai Matsambo. Renowned for his musical prowess minister Michael Mahendere is proud of Vimbai who he married in 2011.

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