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50 magate on channel O

Zim dancehall artist Enzo Ishall has made inroads on international television stations with the video 50 magate making a debut appearance on Channel O.

The popular track made the headlines early this year when Enzo Ishall came up with the track which attracted huge interest resulting in some parents arguing the Zim dancehall artists was a bad influence to their children. Despite some of the negative comments 50 magate is proving its worth with the top quality video finding its way onto Channel O.

50 magate is Enzo Ishall’s second music video to appear on Channel O after the video Fear No Man which features Buffalo Souljah also made an appearance on the top African music video station.

Analysts believe it was mainly due to the influence of Buffalo Souljah which resulted in Enzo Ishall making inroads on Channel O given the Zimbabwean artists influence on the South African music landscape.

To add to the success of 50 magate, Enzo Ishall also has the video kanjiva playing on Trace Africa. Kanjiva was voted the 2018 music video of they year on the Zbc Tv Coca-Cola top 50 chart. It was however not the original video that won the award after power fm Dj Butterphly had merely organised for a routine shoot for kanjiva. The original video was released this year and has made inroads by being played on Trace Africa.

Enzo Ishall recently returned from Australia and appears on cloud nine given the progress that his music is making both locally and internationally. The Zim dancehall star began his music career back in 2012 but only began to gain recognition last year.

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