Female chemical engineer puts Zim on map

Zimbabwe is renowned for having one of the highest leteracy on the African continent with personalities such as Strive Masiyiwa being global leaders that have earned respect for their business acumen which has resulted in the building of empires that stand out.

Given the country’s reputation for producing top talent in different sectors it came as no surprise when social media went awash with images of a Zimbabwean born chemical engineer Stephanie Travers.

The Zimbabwean wonder girl hogged the limelight after being selected among 7000 other applicants to be among Lewis Hamilton’s backroom staff. It is the first time this has happened to a Zimbabwean with Axcil Jefferies direct involvement in motorsport being the country’s only connection at the possibility of having a personality on the formula 1 scene.

Travers was recently announced as the Petronas trackside fluid engineer for 2019. She joins an F1 team which includes top formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The mere fact of having a Zimbabwean among the several specialists that go about their duties on trackside serves as an illustration of the innate talents that Zimbabwe has as a country. Anywhere one travels across the world they are bound to bump into a Zimbabwean making it big, a scenario which depicts the skill that Zimbabweans have in different spheres.

As the country busks in the glory of Travers success the Zimbabwean born chemical engineer is expected to serve as an inspiration to girls out there that anything is possible if one puts their mind to it regardless of race or gender.

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