Lumumba sparks controversy

Acie Lumumba on Wednesday sparked confusion when he sent out a congratulatory message to Olinda Chapel and Tytan which suggested Olinda had given birth. While Lumumba suggested Olinda had given birth the business woman was silent on social media, so was her husband Tytan.

Comments were mixed with some congratulating Olinda and Tytan while others queried the athenticity of the image which was posted of Tytan holding a baby and smiling. Some suggested the picture posted by Lumumba was an old one while others even went on to suggest the instagram account used may not be Lumumba’s.

Others criticised Lumumba for the post given the frosty relations he has with Olinda. A nasty social media fight between Lumumba and Olinda erupted on social media recently with Olinda alleging she had turned down love requests from Acie Lumumba who denied this and said he would never have any interest in her.

Olinda recently put out an instagram post which pointed out how difficult it is to go through a 9 month pregnancy as she hinted the birth of her baby should be expected anytime soon. Surprisingly Lumumba has already posted about the couple having welcomed their new baby yet Olinda and Tytan are yet to post anything about it.

Given the fight that erupted between Olinda and Lumumba some question why Lumunba would be sending out his congratulations.

As fans ponder at whether Lumumba’s remarks are true, all eyes will be on Tytan and Olinda’s instagram accounts as it is through their posts that confirmation of their new born baby can be derived from.

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