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More nudes from Vimbai

Vimbai zimuto recently posted another nude picture on her instagram page. The young singer has turned the internet upside down with her nude pictures for the past 2 weeks. Despite the criticism she is getting on the internet she appears not bothered by what anybody says.

It is rumoured that she is shooting a music video were she appeares naked. Her pics have caused more controversy than her music has. Vimbai Zimuto is accused of chasing fame and attention the wrong way with critics pointing to an ability to respect Zimbabwean culture.

According to our ethics in the Zim culture, a women is not suppose to advertise her nudity. Zimbabweans are now said to be adopting the foreign culture forgetting our own culture. The American culture has dominated our day to day lives with most people allegedly living a lie because of the internet.

Although there has been widespread criticism, Vimbai Zimuto insists nudity was part of Zimbabwean culture as in ancient times our great grandparents use to move around with just the private parts covered.

Vimbai posted the picture with the caption “dont worry when people say that are crazy…” Showing that she is aware of the critisicim. She is being called names on the internet and she is using more nudes to defend herself. Women are allowed to do whatever they please with their bodies but Vimbai has gone too far this time, according to some comments posted on social media.

Vimbai is Zimbabwean singer with hit songs such as a little bit more. She has not been in the music industry for a long time.

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