Personal branding expo on the cards

How one looks is deemed as fundamental to determing the success one may acquire especially in fields where looking the part is critical. As such Arthur Marara, Sharon Mambokadzi and Doris Chakamanga have teamed up to come up with a personal branding expo that will be held in Harare on 16 March. Those that want to attend the expo will have to part with 10 US or 30 dollars ecocash.

Prominent lawyer and motivational speaker and writer Arthur Marara will do a presentation on in the importance of self branding. How one brands themselves has over the years become highly significant given the perceptions that are derived from one’s appearance. In his books which focus on motivation Arthur Marara has always highlighted the significance of one branding themself nicely so as to create a positive image of oneself.

Also part of the expo which is expected to attract people from different sectors is Sharon Mambokadzi who is going to be focusing on skin care and skin management. Taking care of one’s skin has increasingly become fundamental to the way one looks. Healthy eating coupled with the application of non-harmful moisturizes has over the years emerged as vital to ensuring that one has good skin texture.

As one pursues business how a person interacts with prospective business partners and associates is fundamental. In a bid to ensure that the audience fully understands this the expo will also feature a presentation from Doris Chakamanga who will be talking about the importance of grooming as well as body care.

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