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Zodwa new look sparks disapproval

Prominent Harare business woman Zodwa Mkandla has paraded a new look in which she has shaved her hair. Soon after doing so Mkandla took to instagram and called on people to comment about how she looks without hair. A majority of the comments disapproved of the look with many urging Mkandla to resort to wearing a wig.

While many have looked at the immediate beauty side of it, being the fearless business woman that she is, by shaving her hair Mkandla exhibits an inherent personality of the courage that she has as a woman. A community of women with buzz cuts and shaved heads is growing under hashtags that embrace the look, uniting people in dismissing societal standards and celebrating those who do what they want.

Considering set standards that are pushed on women from birth, baldness perhaps shows ones willingness to break the shackles of societal perception. Apart from courage, Zodwa’s new look can be interpreted as representing the self determination that she has and is deemed as having been critical in building the business empire that she has.

Most women prefer to keep their hair as society largely deems is to important to gender identity for women than men. While people shave hair for different reasons, confidence boosting can be deemed as a critical factor in a women’s decision to shqve off their hair.

Of course, there are some people who simply need a fresh start of their own when it comes to their hair. After years of dying, straightening, curling and crimping, hair gets pretty damaged. Sometimes irreparably so. Shaving it off can be the perfect way to get back to healthy hair. As for Zodwa only she can answer why she chose to get rid of her hair.

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