Adapting to bread price increase

It was a sad and gloomy day for most people when they woke up to a new price of bread. With the current wave of price increases of basic commodities, the new bread price was the final blow to the already cash strapped Zimbabweans. A single load of bread is now ranging from 3.20 to 3.50 rtgs dollars from 2.20 rtgs dollars. The increase has seen most people opting to cook alternative starches to replace the precious loaf of bread. These are some of the food items that people are eating as a substitute for bread.


1. Sweet potato

It is the season for sweet potatoes and people are now eating  this local delicacy more often.  It usually just booked with some salt to taste and eaten together with some tea. Of coueco in could mix it with avocado or honey to give it a different taste. Sweet potatoes are filling and a good breakfast condiment.

2. Homemade bread

Popurlaly known as chimodho, this homemade bread is prepared using flour, salt, sugar and water. To make it more filling others add in a bit of mealie meal. This bread is commonly eaten in rural areas. People do several variations to it to add more flavour such as adding juice or lemon zest to the dough.

3. Pumpkins

It is the season of pumpkins and they are affordable at this time of the year. Those who had planted them during the rainy season are reading off rewards and having their tea with pumpkins. Others, however are simply buying them in shops and local markets.

4. Rice

Strange as it may seem, rice is being used as a substitute to bread. It is very common nowadays to see people having tea with rice. The rice can either be mixed with peanut butter or served with gravy.

5. Magwinya

These are a form of fat cakes that are made using flour. They are then deep fried in oil. Magwinya are delicious and tasty and can be either soft or hard

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