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Beitbridge man stirs controvesy by eating sadza and biscuits.

The nation’s staple food, sadza, is a popular delicacy. It is usually paired with relish, meat or sour milk. It is much loved by the locals who usually consume it on a daily basis.

A beitbridge man caused a buzz on social media after being filmed whilst eating a good helping of sadza with cheap biscuits. Indeed the pairing seemed very strange to many.

Questioned on why he was eating such an odd meal the man lamented lack of money to buy proper relish. He said he had opted to buy a packet of cheap biscuits due to lack of funds to buy meat.

The man reiterated that the economic meltdown was taking its toll on his upkeep and someone else had donated the money for biscuits. The man could be seen gobbling up large chunks of sadza and then taking a bite occasionally of the biscuits.

Hard times have hit most people and meat or relish is considered a luxury. In some rural areas people are surviving on fruits such as guava. Those who have access to mealie meal are forced to eat sadza with all sorts of wild vegetables such as mowa and mutsine.

The man’s food experiment thus comes as no suprise to some. However people were quick to dismiss the man’s allegations as mere hogwash. They said he surely could have bought vegetables such as rape with the money he had used to buy biscuits. Others querried his mental disposition.

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