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Chivhayo shows off 1 million us dollars

Being in the presence of 1 million dollars cash is probably what dreams are made of as many can just but fantacize about such a scenario. As a way of showing off his success flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo recently posted himself on instagram seated behind a pile of 100 dollar notes.

Zimbabwean businessman Sir Wicknell  engaged in a sensational social media post where he is captured beside 1 million Us dollars. Chivayo hails Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa for his open for business mantra pointing to the potential the country has of producing millionaires.

Upon flaunting about what it feels to be in the presence of 1 million dollars, Chivhayo then highlights the importance of hard work in the attainment of success. Chivhayo makes reference to people infested with a pull him down syndrome outlining the need for one to be focused in pursuit of success and excellence.

Chivhayo has many a time courted controversy owing to has outspoken character which has in cases not gone down well social media users. The entrepreneur was at some stage involved in a messy fight with journalists whom he accussed of lacking ambition. In the fight expose’s of the Harare businessman’s time in prison were written about, although the matter was eventually quelled down.

The Zimbabwean entrepreneur has always made the headlines with a case in which he is taken to court over the Gwanda solar project attracted huge interest. Chivhayo is alleged to have been paid and yet failed to deliver on the Gwanda solar project. The flamboyant businessman however reacted to the ZETDC lawsuit by filing for defamation in a case he sensationally won.

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