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Jah Signal performs in S. A

Zimdancehall singer Jah Signal appears to be finding favour at S.A gigs with the Zim musician performing in Johannesburg at the weekend. Omusha, Vigo and Eugene were other acts that Jah Signal performed alongside as he seeks to make a footprint across the Limpopo.

Jah Signal’s weekend performance follows another invitation which saw him performing in Rustenburg before travelling to Botswana where he marvelled fans that came to see him dish out some of his popular tracks that have made him a household name in Zimbabwe’s music industry.

Jah Signal is among the popular Zim dancehall artists after rising to fame following the release of the track titled “Shinga Muroora”. Jah Signal has never looked back, performing at several top gigs as well as consistently releasing music.

The past few weeks have been rocky for Signal following allegations that he was promiscuous and had bedded 15 women in 6 months. Jah Signal denied the claims which he deemed as mischievous and aimed at tarnishing the good image that he had.

The Zimdancehall artist has however chosen to flush aside the negativity and focus on his music.

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