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Knives out for Tinashe

American based musician Tinashe Kachingwe stirred controvesy after categorically stating that she was not Zimbabwean. The sexy singer and songwriter said this in response to a question by a fan on Twitter who had enquired whether she was from Zimbabwe to which she replied that her father was.

This did not go down well with most Zimbabweans who felt that Tinashe was ashamed to be associated with her country to which she hails from by descent. Her father is a Zimbabwean and her mother a Norwegian. Several people including Olinda Chapel took to social media to sarcastically denounce their ties with the country. Olinda bemused her fans by stating that she was not in any way Zimbabwean simply because her mother was from Wedza and that her passport certified her as British. Other people also started cutting off ties with their country by tendering absurd explanations.

Tinashe’s followers lambasted the singer for dissasociating herself from her roots. They accused her of trying to wad off her true identity. Tinashe however,  cleared the air by saying that it had been a big misunderstanding between herself and her followers. She was quoted as saying,” I am not ashamed of my Zim roots at all,in fact I’m super proud”. This came as consolation to her fuming followers who had been quick to hurl insults at her.

Tinashe started her singing career in early 2000 and has released songs such as ‘All my friends” and “Nightride”. She was nominated for the Soul train and BET awards.

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