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Overwhelming response to Wicknell Chivhayo’s post

Business man Wicknell Chivhayo stunned the nation last week when he posted a picture of himself with a pile of a million dollars in front of him. In true Chivhayo style, the flamboyant businessman bragged about how much money he had in his possession and remarked that this was how a million dollars looks like in hard currency.

The post did not go down well with some people who accused him of showing off. Others even went further and accused him of stealing alleging that no single individual could have so much money in a country like Zimbabwe which is cash strapped.

The post however gave rise to a string of #Chivhayo challenge posts by some local celebrities and ordinary citizens.  The most popular was the video shared by rising comedian Ray Vines who was captured standing behind a pile of loaves of bread. He then put Chvhayo’s picture besides his and captioned “Who is the man”. Of course people were quick to point out that he was the best. This might have been due to the fact that the price of bread has increased and it is much more valuable than Chivhayo’s million dollars.

Madam Boss also took part in the challenge. She stayed true to her signature style and posted a picture of herself behind a big pile of bricks. The bricks were ironically used to symbolize Chivhayo’s bricks of cash.

Ordinary people have been sharing pictures of themselves behind all sorts of things in a bid to mimick Chivhayo. Wicknell Chivhayo is no stranger to showing off. He has been known to boast about his wealth and often shares pictures of his shoe collection and shopping sprees.

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