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Plaxedes Wenyika goes down memory lane

Urban grooves artist Plaxedes Wenyika recently went down memory lane after posting an image which brought back memories of her first appearance on television. Years after her first television appearance Wenyika is still involved in music despite having momentarily taken a back seat from the industry.

Plaxedes Wenyika announced herself as a top artist when she released her first album “Tisaparadane” which carried several love songs. The album will also be remembered for another popular hit titled “Shamwari” which featured Sani Makhalima. Wenyika also followed up her debut album with another offering titled “Kamumanzi “ which enjoyed wide airplay on local radio stations.

Plaxedes has also chosen to keep herself busy by returning to the studio. In a recent instagram post Wenyika informs her fans she is back in the studio with Tamuka and Oskid among the producers she is working with. Plaxedes is a close ally to Oskid given her time at ZiFm stereo where the top Zimbabwean producer happens to be employed.

Tamuka is also expected to give Wenyika’s music another feel which may resonate well with the Zimbabwean audience when taking into cognisance the success he has had with music superstar Jah Prayzah.

Plaxedes Wenyika is among those that establisbed the urban grooves genre after a landmark decision by government to pronounce a 70 percent local content policy which paved way for several local artists to go to the studio and record songs, some of which became popular.

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