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Tamy Moyo seduces fans

Zimbabwe’s own darling Tamy Moyo left her fans drooling after posting a short snippet of her upcoming music video. The video is set to be released this week. It is titled ‘Kwandinobva’.

Tamy had earlier on announced that her new song was based on her childhood memories. She remarked that it was inspired by personal circumstances which included laughter, tears and heartache that she had experienced as she was growing up.

The short video clip shows Tamy dressed in elegant African print gowns and beads. The colorful visuals and stunning choreography clearly indicate that the song will be a hit just like her previous songs. Tamy Moyo has released songs such as ‘Ndibereke’ and ‘Lay it down’. She has collaborated with the likes of Nutty O.

The song has an ethnic feel to it and is a true work of art. It was directed by Andy Cutta. Fans said they were excited at the new song and were eagerly awaiting its release. Tamy Moyo has never disappointed her followers and her previous videos received positive reactions.

Tamy Moyo is one of Zimbabwe’s finest artists and recently perfomed at the Coke studio in Kenya.

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