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Watershed College ropes in Enzo Ishall

The Watershed College choir showed off their singing prowess when they teamed up with zimdancehall sensation Enzo ishall to make a choral rendition of the song Kanjiva. The song was given a new lease life and the unusual yet spectacular remix received a round of applause.

As the choir sang the chorus of the song in their choral notes Enzo ishall chipped in and ecstatically sang along. The performance was done at what appeared to be a school gathering in one of the buildings at the college.

It definitely aroused a lot of people as comments quickly came pouring in. Most people applauded the choir and Enzo for showing creativity whilst a few brushed off the performance as a dismal failure.

Enzo ishall is a famous artist in Zimbabwe and has also released songs such Matsimba, 50 magate and muchi round. As he continues to make his mark in the industry, he has been on the receiving end of negative criticism but that has not dettered him. He was recently on a tour in Australia and the future looks bright for the youthful chanter.

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