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50 Magate reaches 1 million views.

Popular Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall is busking in the glory of the success of his video titled 50 magate. The famous track which was a hit on the local music scene following its released has reached a mikestone of 1 million views and Enzo took to instagram in celebration.

The track was popular among many Zimbabweans but also unpopular among parents who accussed Enzo Ishall of being a bad influence to children. The song is in a way against societal norms and values with the track depicting how a girl attends indegenous churches to get their problem of expliciting dancing solved. The solution is however found in having to pour water from traditional clay pots.

50 magate became a hit following its release and has enjoyed airplay on international music channels such as Trace Africa. The video has however not been played on Zbc Tv owing to content policies on viewer friendly videos. The national broadcaster has an obligation to uphold social values and tbe video magate is deemed a bit explicit and not suitable for children in homesteads.

Enzo Ishall is popular for his hit songs “Kanjiva” and “Handirare Kuden Kwenyu.” The songs were produced by Mbare based record label Chill Spot Records. The creative musician is renowned for his perseverence having begun his musical journey around 2012 and only made his breakthrough in 2018 following the release of the track Kanjiva.

Kanjiva scooped the video of the year accolade on the Coca-cola top 50 chart in 2018 with the same song also gaining recognition at the 2019 Nama awards. Though having also courted controversy with tracks such as 50 magate which have been deemed to be obscene, Enzo Ishall’s talent cannot be questioned. Despite making strides on the musical scene Enzo Ishall recently expressed his desire to study for a law degree.

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