Gospel collaborations that raised eyebrows.

Zimbabweans have always been known to be a religious people. The majority I the population is comprised of christians. It is no wonder that gospel music is an integral part of the arts industry and enjoys a wide audience.

There are some gospel musicians who saw it befitting to payner with musicians from other genres in order to enhance the quality of their music. This did not come without a price as most people frowned upon such an initiative. Here are some collaborations between gospel musicians and other artists that stirred controvesy.

1 Fungisai Zvakavapano and Killer T

The duo joined forces to produce a smashing gospel hit called ‘vanondibatirana’. Although the track was good, people criticized Fungisai for collaborating with a zimdancehall artist on a gospel project. Fungisai defended her actions by saying,”For me, I believe I was born a trendsetter, I was born a pioneer. My sociology tells me that when you try to bring something new to a people, you face challenges but people later understand”. The song however received a lot of airplay.

2 Winky D and Vabati vajehovha

The apostolic group Vabati vajehovha upped their game when they worked together on a song with internationally recognised zimdancehall star Winky D. The song is called ‘ngirozi’. It instantly became a hit and topped the charts. Other people however were quick to point out that Vabati vajehovha should have stuck to their old style of singing.

3 Sebastian Magacha and Jah Prayzah

The two release a song called ‘mweya mutsvene’. It was very popular and sung at almost every wedding event and party but the criticism was that Magacha had made a mockery of the gospel music scene by patnering with someone who often composed songs about spirit mediums.

4 Vabati vajehovha and Jah Prayza

The apostolic singer’s also patnered with Jah Prayzah in a song called ‘fambai naro,’. It was a heartfelt funeral dirge that left many people emotional. However some were not convinced that it was a good idea for Jah Prayzah to have been involved in the making of the hit song.

5 Soul Jah love and Charlton Murapa

Following a miraculous healing session in the hands of renowned prophet, Walter Magaya, Soul Jah love decide to record a gospel song with Murapa. The song became a hit and was often played even in church!. It was however not appealing to some sectors of society who slammed the zimdancehall artist for trying to wiggle his way into the gospel scene.

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