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Ammara Brown,Gemma Griffiths and Simba tags cooking up something?

There is speculation that some of Zimbabwe’s top artists might be on to something following a video clip that was shared by Simba tags in which he is seen with Ammara Brown and Gemma Griffiths.

The short video has sparked rumours that the three might be in the process of brewing something. There is now great excitement and anticipation for a new song featuring the trio. Another short snippet also showed Gemma Griffiths laughing in what appeared to be a studio booth. A collaboration between Ammara and Gemma will surely be explosive as the two musicians are maestros in the music industry. This will be made even more appealing by the inclusion of producer Simba tags who is renowned for his skills.

Fans have expressed that they are pregnant with anxiety over whatever the artists have to offer. Ammara and Gemma are also set to join hands and perform at a show hosted by Tamy Moyo on the 6th of June this year. This might be a symbol that the artists are willing to work together in the long run.

Ammara Brown is one of the best singer’s in Zimbabwe. She has released songs such as Svoto, Watch want and Loyal. Her musical career has been booming and she has performed in several countries including South Africa and the United States.

Gemma Griffiths is also one of the best rising artists in Zimbabwe. She rose to fame with her rendition of Winky D’s musarove bigman. Recently she patnered with the dancehall singer for a hit song called Mugarden which received a lot of airplay even beyond the country’s boarders.

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