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Baba Harare collaborates with Prophet T Freddy.

Sungura musician Baba Harare has patnered with sensational man of cloth Prophet T Freddy to release a song called ‘Chikuru kudzoka’. The song speaks of challenges faced by men who leave their families in search of greener pastures only to come back empty handed after failing to get any breakthrough.

The song has a Sungura beat and incorporates social as well as economic issues affecting most livelihoods. It also has a slow, melodic vibe that brings out eotion to anyone listening to the song. The video features Gonyeti as a rural wife, eagerly anticipating the return of her husband from the city with goodies only to be disappointed when he returns empty handed.

The song indeed captures the plight of most families in Zimbabwe. The harsh economic environment has precipitated the need for men to go and look for jobs elsewhere. However not all of them have been fortunate and have had to return home with nothing conclusive.

Pastor Freddy made a suprise move by releasing this video as most people know him in preaching and healing circles rather than as a singer. The patnership with Baba Harare was even more suprising. Prophet Freddy is known for his mantra on spiritual eyes and his healing and deliverance sessions at Goodness and mercy ministries.

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