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Comic pastor at it again.

Following a meeting between the president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Munangagwa and one Mr Kwande who has been supplying the city of Gweru with bread, there have been several jokes circulating ariaing from the issue.

The president said he had been pleased to meet with Mr Kwande, who had managed to bake 5000 loaves of bread to supply to the city of Gweru using local wheat. He further on commended the local enterprenuer.

While most people applauded Mr Kwande for a job well done most people were quick to point out that bread was now expensive and the whole issue seemed to be a mockery. They said even if he had baked enough to supply the whole town, most people could not afford to buy the bread.

Comic pastor was not to be outdone and joked that he had also met with one enterprenuer who had managed to make polony enough for 5000 loaves of bread using only local beef. The joke left many people in stitches and questioning the comic pastor’s sobriety.

They said the comic pastor had come up with a good plan to highlight that indeed the bread needed something to accompany it.

Comic pastor is affiliated with Bustop t.v and has done hillarious skits in the past. He has been known to do pieces of work that touch on social,economic and religious issues plaguing the country. He has even mimicked politicians and other public figures in some of his perfomances.

The cost of bread has been rising since the beginning of the year with most people opting to eat other alternative starches such as sweet potato and rice in place of bread.

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