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Could Ndiraya be dembare’s saviour?

Taking over what many may have considered a sinking ship would have come as a surpise to footabll followers. Having collceted just 3 points from a possible 12 Dynamos were shrouded in chaos and when faced with pressure from the fans dembare’s leadership sacked Lloyd Chigove.

The sacking ofChigove then triggered speculation around who would take over the reigns at Dynamos. Tonderayi Ndiraya emerged as a leading candidate and after a meeting between the club’s leadership and Stanza a deal was struck which ushered in Ndiraya as the new glamour boys gaffer.

While for Dynamos fans the appointment came as a relief the ordinary analyst could not make sense of Ndiraya’s decision of throwing himself into the deepend. With an impressive cv at dembare and Ngezi Platinum many thought moving to a Dynamos side filled with inexperience would lead to disaster and put a dent to Stanza’s reputation. Despite such fears Ndiraya stood tall and declared his love for challenges expressing a deep desire of turning around the fortunes of an institution where he was bred.

In the 2 games the glamour boy’s have played under the tutelage of Ndiraya Dynamos has amassed 4 points from a possible 6, 1 point more than Chigove had managed in 4 matches. Given the response Dynamos players have shown, the glamour boy’s could emerge as a major threat as players develop an understanding of each other and get accustomed to the Dynamos culture of winning.

Claiming the title maybe far fetched but Tonderayi Ndiraya certainly has the pedigree of turning around the fortunes of the glamour boy’s by transforming them into a formidable outfit.

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