Dumiso Dabengwa dies

War veteran Dumiso Dabengwa has passed away. He died in Kenya on his way back to Zimbabwe after having gone for treatment in India. He was 79 years old.

Dabengwa was one of the revolutionary leaders during the liberation war which birthed the independence of Zimbabwe. He was the leader of ZIPRA, a military wing that fought against the white regime. He was commonly reffered to as the ‘Black Russian’s during the war because he had undergone military training in Russia.

As news of Dabengwa’s death spread, several people expressed sadness. David Coltart sent out his condolences to the Dabengwa family and wrote on his Twitter page that he felt saddened by the death of his good friend although they had fought on opposite sides in the political war when he first stood for parliament.

Dabengwa was the minister of home affairs from 1992 up until 2000. He was also the president of ZAPU, a political party affiliated with Matabeleland before moving in to Zanu Pf. At one time in 1982 Dabengwa was charged with treason by the Mugabe regime but later on acquitted.

Dabengwa played a pivotal role in the liberation of this country. His great military training intelligence and war tactics were instrumental in bringing an end to white supremacy rule.

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