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Enzo ishall fears for his life

Zimdancehall musician Enzo ishall has expressed fears that his life might be in danger following a string of attacks. The singer posted a message that he received from one of his followers warning him of the impending threats to his life that are going to befall him.

The message clearly articulated how efforts were being made by certain people to put an end to Enzo’s budding music career. He was however, told to stay put as he bwas going to overcome all these challenges. The anonymous fanalso encouraged Enzo to pray fervently. Indeed is testimony of what has been happening to Enzo ishall in recent months.

He has been relentlessly attacked on stage with people throwing stones, empty juice bottles and even ice at him. On his last show over the weekend objects were also thrown at him.

Enzo expressed his frustration at what is happening and also stated that he knew the people who were behind the skirmishes. Enzo ishall’s success must have irked certain people who are now vying for his downfall.

It is however of great concern that several other artists have been victims of assault in recent months. Hip hop singer T Gonzi was nearly left for dead after some purpoted robbers pounced on him a few months ago. Other artists like Liky badass and Gary tight have also been targeted.

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