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Ginimbi’s shopping spree

Socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure commonly known as Ginimbi took to social media to show off his shopping rendezvous in the United States. He gave a blow by blow account of his shopping spree and the items that he purchase in various high class stores.

Ginimbi is known for bragging about his wealth and goes for shopping quite often. He posted videos of himself in the famous Dolce and Gabbana store shopping up a storm. Ginimbi can be seen trying out various blingy outfits and at one point even asks his followers to pick their own choice of clothes for him.

In another video Ginimbi is seen in the Versace store trying out different clothes. Ginimbi is a self confessed Versace lover and he ensures that he visits their stores whenever he goes abroad. Ginimbi’s United States visit saw him globetrotting in areas such as Carlifonia and Manhattan.

Ginimbi is ranked among some of the richest people in Zimbabwe. He was early this year arrested over tax evasion charges. He was however acquitted of the charges.

Ginimbi is popular for hosting lavish all white parties in which he invites a host of rich people. In his last party in Australia early this year he roped in zimdancehall musician Enzo ishall to perform.

Ginimbi also owns a hgh end club called ‘club Sankayi’ situated in the Harare cbd area where the rich and famous mix and mingle. A few weeks ago, he invited South African musician Ricky Rick to perform at his club

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