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Killer T charms Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah recently posted a video while driving as he sang along to Killer T’s track titled ghetto rinenharo. Jah Prayzah is visibly excited by the track and took to instagram, professing his love for Killer T.

It does not so often happen that an artist openly praises another singers song given the competition that exists. Jah Prayzah however shows a level of humility by praising Killer T’s track which seeks to bring out the struggles of living in the ghetto.

Killer T, is a Zimbabwean born and award-winning Zimdancehall artist based in Mbare. Killer T rose to fame with his popular song Makarova Ganaz (Shona & colloquial for You beat up a soldier). He is known for the signature line, Hot Property, which he usually chants at the start of his songs.

Having grown up in the neighbourhood of Mbare, Killer T’s songs are inspired by youth life in the ghetto. He has said that he sings about what he comes across everyday. “There are things that happen here in Mbare that are so interesting. In fact, I get inspiration from the people here. Their lifestyles, aspirations and challenges make me want to pen more songs”.

Despite not topping the charts off late Killer T appears to be in the process of reinventing himself as he looks at finding ways of once again hitting the roof. The Chairaman is a key figure in the rise of Zimdancehall which has jn recent years become a genre of choice in Zimbabwe.

By getting a nod of approval from Jah Prayzah, Killer T should feel humbled given the stature of Jah Prayzah who has emerged as one of the top Zimbabwean artists by virtue of having released hit songs consistently.

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