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Madam Boss on haters.

Comedian Tyra Chikocho popurlaly known as Madam boss recently opened up on social media about her struggle with enemies. She revealed that she had recently woken up to the realization that so called enemies could in fact be one’s closest friends.

The comedian stated that if one is faced with attacks from unknown people on social media with ghost accounts, then that person ought to make an investigation on the people that are close. She said that it is puzzling that when one is being relentlessly attacked on social media by these unknown people, several intimate details always emerge, detaiks that can only be known by one’s close circle of friends.

Madamboss said that some people pretend to be good friends when in actual facts they would be feeling irked by the success of others. Shr said those are the very same people who are bound to spread malicious rumors. Madam boss seemed to be reffering to herself and her personal life since she has been under a barrage of attacks recently.

She was once involved in a public squabble with fellow comedian Mai Titi although the two seem to have buried the hatchet these days. Ealy this year she was also publicly ridiculed for wearing a cleavage baring jumpsuit at an awards ceremony to which she later on tendered an apology. However recently some people have been throwing shade at her left, right and centre after she launched her own clothing shop and make up line.

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