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Madam boss,Mai Titi beef escalates.

Celebrities have been known to have public altercations at times and showing their dislike for each other. The current squabble between Madam boss and fellow comedian Mai Titi however seems to have taken an ugly turn.

The two have been known to have a love-hate relationship. They used to the best of friends back in the days but their relationship seemed to have turned sour after rumours of gossip between the two started circulating. A few days ago, Madam boss posted a picture of herself and commended herself for being beautiful. She said that she could easily pass of as Beyonce and Jay Z’s child and those who said her pictures were made more appealing by the use of filters were clearly lost. She than went on to utter a direct sentiment to an unspecified person that they were ugly.

It was not long before Mai Titi launched a scathing attacks on an unspecified person and alleged that the person thought she was so beautiful. She went on to say that she would expose that person and all the shenanigans that had propelled her to the top. Mai Titi raved on about that person having tasted fame for the first time and having boarded a plane for the first time I her life to which Mai Titi was accustomed to already. She also alluded to the fact that the person was living a fake lifestyle.

Mai Titi threatened to air all the dirty linen of that person if she persisted in pushing her buttons. Inferences were drawn and people were quick to piece out together the unfolding drama between the two artists. This is not the first time that the duo has had a public fallout. Mai Titi once lambasted Madam boss for sleeping her way to the top to which Madam boss retaliated by accusing Mai Titi of being irked by her growing fame.

Madam boss has been making great strides in her career. She recently opened up her own shop and launched a make up and fragrance line. She has also been touring several countries. Madam boss is also a brand ambassador for numerous brands including Onefusion. Mai Titi has been also enjoying some successes. She also opened up her own lingerie shop and has been hired to host several gigs. She is also doing well in her music career

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