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Mai Titi releases new video.

Popular comedian,MC and singer Mai Titi had released a brand new video titled ‘Conquer’. The video has been received with a lot of positive comments and feedback. The new song speaks about how everyone is able to achieve their goals in life.

Mai Titi encourages people never to give up on their aspirations and to focus ahead. She reiterates that Rome was not built in a day in the song, probing her followers to be resilient in pursuing their dreams.

The video has colorful visuals with Mai Titi dressed in bright coloured clothes. The song also has a Rastafarian vibe to it, making it unique and authentic. Some of Mai Titi’s fans even commented that the video surpassed international standards.

Mai Titi seems to have been reflecting on her personal circumstances in the song. She is seen behind the counter in a lingerie shop which appears to be the one that she recently opened at Joins City. She then sings about having patience as if reffering to her business in which is still to find her feet.

Mai Titi was under scathing attacks when she opened he lingerie shop as many people accused her of copying Madam Boss who also opened a clothes shop recently. She defended herself by stating that anyone could open a shop if they so wished.

Mai Titi is no stranger to the music industry. She started off on gospel music projects and later on branched into mainstream music. She has released songs such as ‘Kereke dhukeke’. She has also appeared on videos of other artists such as ‘Sweetie Dhinga muroora’ by Jah Signal and ‘Slay queen’ by Freeman.

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