Menstrual hygiene day awareness gains momentum

The nation joins the rest of the world in commemorating menstrual hygiene day today. It is an initiative that was started by a German based NGO called WASH in order to spread awareness on the need for menstrual health to be given due weight.

Menstruation is a challenging period for most women and girls as they battle menstrual cramps, bloating and period pain which is quite unbearable for most. The major challenge in Zimbabwe is however lack of resources to help women and girls during this period, such as pads,cotton and pants.

Popurlar musician Hope Masike has expressed the need for government to look into issues of equipping women with enough resources to alleviate challenges being face with regards to menstrual health as part of her #Padaccesscampaign. She also reiterated the need for protection of girls in school during this time and commended sponsors such as Farai family products for having stepped in and assisted girls in dire need.

It has always been said that sanitary wear should be made affordable but with the harsh economic environment,the reality is that it is expensive. Woen end up using things like tissue paper and pieces of cloth as alternatives to pads thereby putting their health at risk. In rural areas, some girls are known to use cow dung and leaves which is quite pathetic.

There is need for intervention and issues to do with menstrual health ought to be publicised in order to make the nation and its female citizens a better place.

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