Nox delays release of new video

Urban grooves musician Nox has announced that he will be delaying the release of his new video owing to the fact that fellow musicians Tamy Moyo and Trevor Dongo together Andy Muridzo recently released their new videos.

Nox stated that it was only befitting that he gives the other artists some leeway for their videos to be seen and enjoyed before releasing anything new as it would be disruptive. Nox remarked that it was not a competition but rather a mission. The stance taken by Nox is another indication of the unity and support that local artists have for each other.

The new video is called ‘Im in love’. Nox is one of the pioneers of urban grooves music and he has been in the industry for a long time. He has released songs such as ‘zvamunoita murudo’, ‘garandichauya’ and ‘ I love you’. His songs are mainly love songs earning him the reputation of being a smooth and charming ladies’ man.

His fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the video but Nox took into consideration the fact that there were other new videos that are still being reviewed hence the need to delay a bit.

Nox has toured several countries and staged numerous shows.

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