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Olinda Chapel responds to Stunner’s relationship woes.

Following an altercation between Stunner and his wife Dyonne, Olinda Chapel took to social media to air out her views on the issue much to the amazement of her followers.

Stunner threw a massive birthday party for himself over the weekend. Indeed the event attracted a lot of people who came in their numbers to give their blessings to the singer. It turned out that in the moment of celebrating Stunner had a disagreement with wife Dyonne.

He then publicly apologized for having pushed Dyonne and placing a cold bottle on her laps. In a surprising twist of events Dyonne lashed out at Stunner for being a liar and cursed him with several explicit words.

Olinda then took to social media to air out her sentiments on the issue. She said that if a woman who was behind a breakup with your your husband starts having problems with the man then one would be secretly happy. She however said that she had moved on and was happy.

Olinda went to say that Stunner had never exhibited signs of abuse in all their years in marriage. She said that she was shocked at this new development. She ended her message with a #no to abuse caption.

Olinda sparked controvesy by chipping in into the relationship squabbles between Stunner and his wife. Others questioned whether she was till in love with Stunner to which she responded that she had responded because she had been tagged countless times following the scandal

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