Olinda’s mothers day frustration

Sunday was a special day in the lives of many with several mother’s day posts dominating social media on a day children took the time to celebrate the importance of their mothers.

While many were celebrating Olinda Chapel poured her heart out as she took time to reflect on the importance of her mother who passed away 3 years ago.

In an emotional post Olinda wrote “
So it’s Mother’s Day. It’s one of those days I get to watch other people call their moms, take their mom out for lunch etc to celebrate them on this day. Your number is still saved in my phone but I can’t dial it. My afternoon is free but I can’t take you for lunch. I can buy your favourite perfume but I don’t have your postcode. So it’s a day I would rather sit in a corner and just think of you. All the memories good and bad is all I have now. So I close my eyes and sit in that wimpy when I was 4 because it’s your pay day. If I could just close my eyes tight enough I can hear your voice and smell the scent of your perfume mom. This is my Mother’s Day outing with you. I miss you AK especially when the world is cruel and when those around me are hurtful and cause me pain. It’s when I need you the most. But Jesus took you home. May heavens angels wish you a happy Mother’s Day on my behalf. “

The touching message left many sparing a thought for those who have parents that could not be there with them owing to the reality of death. Many say death is unavoidable when the time comes but Olinda’s post was perhaps an opportunity for those with mothers to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. This writer spolied their mother as nothing can ever replace the sacrifice that mothers often had to go through in raising their children.

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