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Pokello silences critics

Socialite and businesswoman Pokello Nare showed off her cooking skills in a recent Instagram post. The queen of swagger seemed to have been responding to a barrage of attacks on her personal life which included assertions that she is not ‘ wife material’.

Pokello was accused of not being a good wife hence her breakup with husband Elikem to which she responded that she was indeed the epitome of a good wife. She was later on recorded in her kitchen cooking some delicacies. She said most people had asked her if she was able to cook and she decide to show them how amazing she actually is in the kitchen.

Pokello has an expensive taste. Her kitchen set up and pink pots were proof of how extravagant the socialite is when it comes to her lifestyle. Even the meal that she was preparing of pork chops and rice seemed to be something out of a cooking show.

Pokello is a brand ambassador for various companies and owns her own shoe line called Pokello pink bottoms. She is renowned for being classy and her beautiful body has been under the spotlight for some time.

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